Seen Your First Robin? Then It’s Time for Staining or Painting!

staining or paintingSpotted all those Robins yet?

Now that there are signs of warmer weather, many of us are looking at the projects that may need to be done to our home’s exterior as well as other outdoor buildings including decks and fences.

Staining or painting?

Whether you are staining or painting, planning what the project is going to require is where you should begin. For example, is your deck, fence or house peeling, stained or dirty? Is your house exterior showing signs of mildew? Power washing removes dirt and is a must to ensure proper paint adherence. Checking for proper draining, needed repairs of gutters, Caulking of windows and doors, as well as identifying wood that needs replacing are all necessary steps to take so that you can begin to plan and then to assemble everything you need for this project.

If you are considering painting your house (or even the interior of your home) do you need a ladder? Different projects require different ladders. Type of ladder (extension, platform, stepladder, etc), height, material (fiberglass, aluminum) and design are all considerations in choosing the right ladder. Proper equipment is vital to safety and of course getting the job done in a timely and effective manner.

Are you going to use a roller or a paint brush. There are several fabric types to choice from when it comes to rollers. Rollers are made from synthetic, natural (mohair or sheepskin, or blended covers (polyester/wool blend).

Paint color and finish is also a decision that requires some time and information. Of course, you also need to determine how much stain or paint you will need.

Start getting the feeling that this DIY project is a little more than you expected. This is just a brief overview. When’s the last time you ever found yourself in a “simple” project? Typically if you haven’t done the work before that is required in a project it becomes more challenging and complicated than you thought.

Some comments we have heard from former DIYers:

“I didn’t think it would take this much time.”; “I ran out of paint and now it doesn’t match”; “Why does it look streaky?”; ” I never realized how much ladders cost!”; “I was so glad my insurance company covered replacing all that carpeting when I spilled that paint….”

Become a DDIY person…..Don’t Do It Yourself!!!!

If it’s worth painting, its worth contacting a professional!!