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Before staining of deck with mildew

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

The weather has been great, the patio furniture is out, and the BBQ grill is ready to go  … BUT your deck is anything but great or ready to go!

One of the first questions that needs to be answered is: what condition is the deck in now? Are there rotted boards? Chips? Are decking nails coming up?  What is on the surface now …stain or paint?

Most professionals seem to recommend staining over painting. The way stain is absorbed by the wood seems to be the reason why. Paint tends to sit on the surface.

Since decks are mostly horizontal they are affected by the heat from sun rays as well as rain water sitting on the surface. Wood contracts and expands with weather changes and since stain is absorbed into the wood, it isn’t affected like paint. Paint tends not to expand or contract with the wood causing chips or cracks.

Of course, if the surface has been painted already one might consider staying with paint. Either way, the surface needs to be prepped before applying stain or paint. That means repairing boards or replacing them. We also recommend sanding to remove chips or cracks.  Power washing is vital to remove stains or mildew.  Don’t forget to protect any surrounding surfaces including plants before starting.

Always use quality paint or stain. Several good products are on the market and all offer several color and stain options.

However, this is not a weekend project for DIY.  If not done correctly, the finished product will not last and probably needs to be redone next season resulting in additional cost and time.

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