Choosing the Right Color

Color, color, color. Which paint color is the right color … for you!

The right paint color

Whether you are trying to redesign, freshen up, or just decide what color you want to paint that old chair, color is important. There are numerous articles on should or should not paint color choices.  Equally interesting is the information on the beliefs behind some colors.

In many countries, the color white is seen as a sign of peace and prosperity.  White has also been interpreted as purity.  In home décor, white can add light and used as a background to really highlight – to pop – accenting colors.  White can add light to small spaces sometimes making them appear larger.

Another popular color, my personal favorite, green has been associated with relieving stress.  I personally find gardening as a stress reliever. Stop and smell the roses as they say.

Is there anything more beautiful than a blue sky?  In home décor, “Blue-and-white never goes out of style.  The duo works best in a blend of tones, textures, and shapes.” According to Hilary Farr of “Love it or List it”.  A dark blue works as a real accent. Don’t get carried away though.  You may want to start with accessories rather than walls.

As far as color to consider when trying to make your house buyer-friendly, most experts agree that beige, white, or off-white all fall into that category.  However, pink, deep lavender and line green are colors that evoke strong emotion and should be avoided.

So, what paint color to pick?

All of this is interesting but when it comes to actually have to make a color decision it quickly becomes overwhelming.  As I mentioned, I like green.  So I might start with that color but try picking out green.  It is almost impossible to find green. Green doesn’t stand alone.

Different tone, hue, and even finish will give a different “color” effect to green as it will to other colors. There are over 70 green hue colors displayed in Sherwin Williams color page (I actually stopped counting).

The general recommendation is to…  Call a professional.  They can help you decide on a good color choice taking into effect your furniture, your space, your natural light, etc. etc.  It’s good to use their expertise before buying all the paint and then finding out how really bad it looks!!!!

JT Painting offers free estimates and will answer your questions and offer suggestions.

Remember… If it’s worth painting… or staining… it’s worth calling a professional.