Do You See Peeling and Flaking on the Outside of Your House?


Peeling and FlakingPeeling can result from painting the exterior of your home when it is wet or when moisture gets under the paint surface. The wet surface can swell causing the paint film that has been applied to loosen, crack or even fall off.

Caulk that is missing or worn out can be one of many ways that water can seep under paint.  Gutters that are clogged can cause water back up under shingles and soak underlying wood.

Make sure that the surface you are painting is dry.  Be sure to remove any cracked or loose caulk.  Use a quality product to repair.  Other repairs may need to be taken such as removing wood that touches ground or installing vents or fans to reduce moisture.

Flaking paint

Peeling and Flaking 2Flaking paint can also be caused by moisture especially high humidity and temperature changes.  Usually the paint has not penetrated properly or paint was applied too thin.
To avoid flaking the surface needs to be scraped, sanded or scrubbed with a wire brush.  This will remove all the loose flaking or peeling pain.

Surface preparation is huge when it comes to paint adhering properly.  Looking a the surface,  the weather at the time of application as well as the condition of the structure are factors that are taken into consideration when a professional painter looks at the project.

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