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Photo of exterior of house. Painting on wood siding.

Paint Your Home Before Selling!

Smart sellers must find ways to make their home more appealing to buyers on the first viewing. One of the popular trends is home staging.  Many realtors are partnering with staging specialists using their expertise to advise their clients on how to enhance the beauty of each room. The goal is to set up your home so that potential buyers will respond in a positive way to rooms and settings. When people feel good standing in a space, they can more easily “see themselves” in this home, which is what the seller wants. This is why you will repeatedly hear/see the phrase “depersonalize” your home.  It’s more difficult to picture yourself in a home filled with pictures of someone else’s family!!

Paint Your Home Before Selling! Depersonalize with A Coat of Paint!

They will also evaluate your overall design such as color. Specifically color choices, lack of color or color complexities.  Unless you have painted in the last year, it will be a good idea to plan on repainting.  New paint just gives everything a fresh, clean, new look. Color selection is vital.  The style of the house and the amount of natural light should be considered in your color choice.  The whole house doesn’t have to be the same color but the colors should complement each other.  Colors that evoke strong emotions should be avoided.  (Pink, lime green, and deep colors to name a few)  Your favorite color may not be someone else’s….again “depersonalize”!

The choice of colors can be overwhelming.  So can the choice of texture and finish. How about the trim work?  That is why we strongly recommend working with a professional realtor and a professional painting contractor.  We can help you through the paint choices and process.  We can also recommend professionals that can help you put your home on the market.

Paint Your Home Before Selling! Let us advise you!

Jt Painting is ready to answer your questions and help you to renew and refresh that beautiful home that someone wants to buy. Give us a call for a free estimate. Remember….If it’s worth painting, it’s worth calling a professional.