Outside Home Maintenance – Are You Ready for Spring?

Spring seems to be here even though there is an occasional chill in the air.  What do you think of when you hear the words “Spring is Here”?

Outside Home Maintenance

Many people think of flowers, planting gardens and even Spring Cleaning.  What ever your project list is here are a few suggestions on how you might tackle the tasks at hand no matter what category they may fall into:

  •  Make a list of what needs to be done  For instance, if you are the gardener…what do you need to do first?  Order seeds, buy new planting soil?
  • Gather all the tools/equipment you will need.  For the cleaner that might mean mops, cleaners, etc.
  • Set up or schedule when you are going to start.  Decide how long it may take you to do the work.
  • Get some help if you  need it.

To us, spring means going outside and checking the house – it is time to do the necessary outside home maintenance. There are always some things that need repairing after a harsh winter. The change in temperature, wind, freezing ice build up always takes a toll. Here are some areas you may want to look at.

  • Down Spouts.  Have any of the down spouts or troughs come away from the building.  Replace damaged eves or troughs if possible.  Check the wood behind the trough or eve before reattaching to make sure there hasn’t been any damage such as dry rot.
  • Window casings.  This is a good time to check the caulking.  If the paint is fading, you may want to freshen it up or repaint to avoid wood damage from sun, rain or next year’s winter.
  • The surrounding terrain.  Has the earth sunken in around your foundation?  This could cause water build up and lead to problems with your basement.
  • If you do have a basement, how are the window wells?
  • Any cracking or peeling on the siding?
  • Last but not least, is it time to repaint or restain the deck or fencing?

These are obviously just a few suggestions for maintaining your home.  It takes time and skill to keep a home in good repair.  Give us a call if you think you may need some help in getting it all done before Spring has Sprung!!

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