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Paint Your Home Before Selling!

Smart sellers must find ways to make their home more appealing to buyers on the first viewing. One of the popular trends is home staging.  Many realtors are partnering with staging specialists using their expertise to advise their clients on how to enhance the beauty of each room. The goal is to set up your home so that potential buyers will respond in a positive way to rooms and settings. When people feel good standing in a space, they can more easily “see themselves” in this home, which is what the seller wants. This is why you will repeatedly hear/see the phrase “depersonalize” your home.  It’s more difficult to picture yourself in a home filled with pictures of someone else’s family!!

Paint Your Home Before Selling! Depersonalize with A Coat of Paint!

They will also evaluate your overall design such as color. Specifically color choices, lack of color or color complexities.  Unless you have painted in the last year, it will be a good idea to plan on repainting.  New paint just gives everything a fresh, clean, new look. Color selection is vital.  Style of the house and the amount of natural light should be considered in your color choice.  The whole house doesn’t have to be the same color but the colors should compliment each other.  Colors that evoke strong emotion should be avoided.  (Pink, lime green, deep colors to name a few)  Your favorite color may not be someone else’s….again “depersonalize”!

The choice of colors can be overwhelming.  So can the choice of texture and finish. How about the trim work?  That is why we strongly recommend working with a professional realtor and a professional painting contractor.  We can help you through the paint choices and process.  We can also recommend professionals that can help you put your home on the market.

Paint Your Home Before Selling! Let us advise you!

Jt Painting is ready to answer your questions and help you to renew and refresh that beautiful home that someone wants to buy. Give us a call for a free estimate. Remember….If it’s worth painting, it’s worth calling a professional.

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

The weather has been great, the patio furniture is out, the BBQ grill is ready to go  … BUT your deck is anything but great or ready to go!

One of the first questions that needs to be answered is: what condition is the deck in now? Are there rotted boards? Chips? Are decking nails coming up?  What is on the surface now …stain or paint?

Most professionals seem to recommend staining over painting. The way stain is absorbed by the wood seems to be the reason why. Paint tends to sit on the surface.

Since decks are mostly horizontal they are effected by the heat from sun rays as well as rain water sitting on the surface. Wood contracts and expands with weather changes and since stain is absorbed into the wood, it isn’t effected like paint. Paint tends not to expand or contract with the wood causing chips or cracks.

Of course, if the surface has been painted already one might consider staying with paint. Either way, the surface needs to be prepped before applying stain or paint. That means repairing boards or replacing them. We also recommend sanding to remove chips or cracks.  Power washing is vital to remove stains or mildew.  Don’t forget to protect any surrounding surfaces including plants before starting.

Always use quality paint or stain. Several good products are on the market and all offer several color and stain options.

However, this is not a weekend project for DIY.  If not done correctly, the finished product will not last and probably needs to be redone next season resulting in additional cost and time.

JT Painting offers free estimates and will answer your questions and offer suggestions.

So You Chose a Color. Now What Paint Finish Do You Want?

We have talked about planning your painting project in prior blogs but I wanted to touch on paint finishes. Yes…another decision. After deciding on the paint color another consideration will be on the finish. There are several to choose from: varying from a flat finish to a high gloss paint. Luster and durability are basically the differences between these finishes.

A flat finish reflects very little light. It has very little shine to it. It tends to be a more dense paint and therefore the color spreads evenly. Because it also reflects little light it can be effective in hiding little imperfections. It can fill those little holes left behind when removing or rearranging wall hangings. If several applications were needed they will blend well. Flat paint can be a little harder to keep clean, so it may not be a good choice for the kitchen or bathroom or for high traffic areas like hallways.

Eggshell (sometimes called satin) finish on your walls is a great choice for most projects. Eggshell has slightly more luster than a flat finish, but certainly not shiny. It also resists stains better than flat and can be wiped with a wet rag.

Semi-gloss finishes are most often used for trim and doors. It is hardy and can withstand several cleanings so it is a good choice for children’s rooms. Keeping in mind what we mentioned about hiding imperfections….. Semi-gloss since it reflects more light will allow those imperfections to stand out. You will need to take the time to do some repair before applying this paint finish.

High gloss paint is most often used for window and door trim. It is often used for furniture because it has a hard and shiny finish. We have had requests though for gloss in small sections to add a real emphasis to a design or “pop”!!!

Choosing a Paint Finish

We would recommend always starting with a primer. This is especially recommended if a lot of repair was necessary or you are covering a dark color. Most primers these days allow you to apply over whatever finish. Some prep work might be required. You can also tint the primer for even more effective coverage.

If you need advise or want to hire a professional to do the painting for you, please contact us for a free estimate. Our professionals can help you thru your painting project and all the decisions you are about to make.

The Enemies of Paint

Always check the weather before painting,

Chalky paint, cracking, bubbling, uneven application…if you have ever wondered why this happens it was probably caused by one or more of the “enemies of paint”.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions need to be consulted in applying paint whether it is inside or on the exterior of your home. When JT Painting comes to your home to give you an estimate for your painting project we also give you an estimate on the length of time it will take to complete the work. We will include a discussion of weather considerations in completing the project.

Weather conditions include temperaturehumiditysun light and wind.

Applying paint when it is really hot outside will cause the paint to dry too quickly. If the exterior surface is very dried out this will add greatly to the problem. The paint will thicken and become difficult to apply. The particles in the paint will not fuse together properly causing an inferior finish. The finish may look fine but the durability will be affected.

When paint is cold it gets thick. It is much harder to use. Again temperature effects drying and the particulates in the paint will not bond correctly.

Direct sunlight will have a similar effect in that it will heat up the surface and cause the paint to dry too quickly. This is one reason that we often start painting as early as possible. We can follow the sun around the project in an effort to stay ahead of the direct rays of the sun.

In contrast, starting later in the day means that we may be able to paint sides of the exterior that are not in the sun but we will not be painting for as many hours. Paint needs time to dry before the possibility of increased moisture…moisture that the evening cooler hours brings on. Changes in temperature and humidity have a direct effect on paint.

High humidity may cause paint to sag and even run. It will slow down the drying process. Of course this problem is much worse if the surface is wood. High moisture and water can also be the cause for blistering of exterior paints.

Windy conditions will also affect the drying. Wind removes the moisture from the paint which results in drying too fast. This can affect the long term durability as well.

All of these factors are true for inside projects as well. Avoid painting in high humidity, low or high temperatures. Always be sure to have good ventilation. This will help the paint to cure correctly and also allow the solvents that may be released from the paint to dissipate.

At JT Painting we will always emphasize quality. Quality in paint will help in dealing with the problems weather can create. High quality paints adhere to surfaces better than ordinary paint. Quality paint also contains elements that will reduce discoloration due to weather stress.

And remember if its worth painting its worth calling a professional…. call or contact JT Painting Services.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets with Paint! A dramatic change without the drama!

Bored With Your Current Kitchen And Do You Want To Update It?

Updating is what a recent client was looking to do before they placed their house on the market.

As you can see, changing colors can make a dramatic change without a major overhaul…not to mention a major investment.

Cabinets are a major part of your kitchen area and are a major focal point in the kitchen.

There are several colors that work well on kitchen cabinets, but it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Before selecting an unusual color, be sure to consider the other items and colors in the room.

What colors do you already have on your walls, back splash, floors, counters and appliances? If you already have a lot of color in the room, it’s best to go with white or neutral cabinets. Neutrals will help ground your space and give you the opportunity to use other colors with accessories and appliances. Accessories are excellent and fun way to change up color or decorate by season.

After you decide on color your next decision should be choosing a professional painter like JT Painting. This is not a job for an amateur. It will take time. Dismantling doors, sanding, quality paint choice, primer coats are just a few of the steps that will be needed. The quality of paint and your painter will reflect in the final appearance of your kitchen.  Contact us for ideas, colors or estimates. We have the experience and quality painters to accomplish your goal.