Consider a fresh coat of paint!

Winter freeze has us all cooped up in the house for a while longer it seems.  I thought they said the groundhog didn’t see his shadow!!!! Well here are a few ideas you might want to ponder while looking for your favorite couch blanket.

Now that all the holiday décor is down and packed away, do your walls look a little drab? Consider a fresh coat of paint. The color choice is endless…but we can talk about those considerations later. The fear of smell is largely a thing of the past if you use a quality brand of paint. We recommend Sherwin Williams.

Freshen up your flooring. Sometimes something as simple as carpet cleaning can bring back the brightness of a room. I really am amazed (and sometimes horrified!)at what a difference a good carpet cleaning makes. Did you ever consider an area rug? There are endless choices of designs and texture that you can use to add new color as well as a whole new look.

Adding accent pillows can pick up or emphasize a new color. Pillows are an easy addition to a room that has a specific theme such as sports.

So instead of sitting around wishing it was warmer, try thinking of a new look to a room or two.  There are many applications to help you in making your choices easier-all while sitting in your favorite chair, inside where it’s WARM!!!!

A good idea to explore your color, design and cost options, is to contact us or to give us a call.  We will review your project, answer your questions, and give you a free estimate.  Remember if it’s worth painting it’s worth contacting a professional.