Deciding On A Paint Project Is A Process

1.The first step is to decide on what or where you want to paint.

Sounds easy but if you plan on painting the living room for instance, do any of those walls extend into the kitchen or hallway? If so this one room project could turn into the entire upstairs.

2. Then set a budget.

Once you know what and where, you can start getting estimates on how much the project may cost. At JT Paint Services our estimates are free. By using a professional for estimates, you will know in advance if your budget is in line with the project. A professional will see your room in a different perspective, one that may have more “clarity”. For example, we may see that your room needs a few repairs. We can’t tell you how many times We’ve heard, “I didn’t notice those cracks in the corner” or “Wow, you’re right the ceiling does look a little gray next to that color”.

Identifying areas that need repair and dealing with them now will not only make your room look better but could also save you money in the future. Water damage could lead to mold or further damage if the source of the moisture is not found.

3. Decide on a color.

This could be the most challenging step. There are many articles about color and color choices.

For example: “…, there are three basic categories of color theory that are logical and useful: The color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used. And we are sure you have seen all kinds of discussion on these things:

In our opinion, your color should be based on what you find inviting and what coordinates or looks good with your other décor … a good balance. If it is not a good balance , you may feel the room is too chaotic or on the other end it is too bland. This is the beginning of understanding the effect colors have on each. Your choice of color should be based on you and what you find pleasing.

4. Schedule an Appointment

And finally … Schedule an appointment to get started. If your room is worth painting it is worth calling a professional.  At JT Painting we respect you, your home and your opinions.  We only use quality paint and quality painters.  Please visit our web page for many more suggestions and helpful hints.

Here are a few more pictures reflecting the use of color.  These pictures were taken from Benjamin Moore and highlight the colors trends for 2014 … enjoy.

Connecticut Farmhouse –  Warm, saturated colors inspired by the patina and pigments of the surrounding countryside … stone walls, fields of greens, golds and neutrals.

Paint Project 1