Color Choices: Why Are School Buses Yellow?

Color choices are important.

There are endless theories on the effect of different colors and why certain specific colors are used.  For instance, why are school buses yellow?

School buses aren’t the only vehicles that are traditionally yellow, many earth-moving, road maintenance and other outdoor machinery are yellow.  Many accidents have occurred because the driver simply didn’t see the slow moving or stopped vehicle in time.  If it’s yellow chances are you will see it sooner.  The yellow is an instinctive signal of caution … a warning! People tend to notice yellow objects faster. Safety rules in the US require that school buses be yellow.

We of course aren’t really concerned about slow moving vehicles when it comes to choosing a color for our family room. If you have decided to freshen up a room in your home, the choices can be overwhelming though.

Neutral materials and color hues are often used in living spaces where we want to “unplug”.  These colors could also be suggested when considering a palate that will be neutral to those looking at buying your home!!

One tool that may be helpful is the ColorSnap Visualizer for iPhone and Android.  It lets you match a color you’ve fallen in love with but have no clue what it’s called!

If you need help with choosing a color for your room, give us a call or contact us.  We will be happy to go over your project and help with color AND finish choices.  We give free estimates.

Remember if it’s worth painting, it’s worth calling a professional.