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Updating Kitchen Cabinets with Paint! A dramatic change without the drama!

Before and After photos - painting of cabinets in kitchen

Bored With Your Current Kitchen And Do You Want To Update It? Updating is what a recent client was looking to do before they placed their house on the market. As you can see, changing colors can make a dramatic change without a major overhaul…not to mention a major investment. Cabinets are a major part […]

The Enemies of Paint

Photo of townhouses

Always check the weather before painting, Chalky paint, cracking, bubbling, uneven application…if you have ever wondered why this happens it was probably caused by one or more of the “enemies of paint”. Weather conditions Weather conditions need to be consulted in applying paint whether it is inside or on the exterior of your home. When JT […]

So You Chose a Color. Now What Paint Finish Do You Want?

description of the difference between paint styles: flat, eggshell, stain, semi-gloss and gloss

We have talked about planning your painting project in prior blogs but I wanted to touch on paint finishes. Yes…another decision. After deciding on the paint color another consideration will be on the finish. There are several to choose from: varying from a flat finish to a high gloss paint. Luster and durability are basically […]

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

Before staining of deck with mildew

The weather has been great, the patio furniture is out, and the BBQ grill is ready to go  … BUT your deck is anything but great or ready to go! One of the first questions that needs to be answered is: what condition is the deck in now? Are there rotted boards? Chips? Are decking nails […]

Paint Your Home Before Selling!

Photo of exterior of house. Painting on wood siding.

Smart sellers must find ways to make their home more appealing to buyers on the first viewing. One of the popular trends is home staging.  Many realtors are partnering with staging specialists using their expertise to advise their clients on how to enhance the beauty of each room. The goal is to set up your home so that […]