Spring Is One of the Best Times to Sell Your House

Spring is One of the Best Times to Sell Your House

Here Are Some Important Steps to Take NOW!




Spring is just around the corner and so is one of the best times of the year to sell your house. Here are some steps to think about now.

  1. Think about painting. Decide which rooms you want to paint. Make sure you first take the time to repair any holes in the walls. Consider a neutral color so as to appeal to the most people.
  2. Declutter but don’t overdo it. You also want to make your home appealing. There are companies that you can    hire to stage your house….giving it the best possible impression.
  3.  Kitchens are one of the rooms that many buyers especially pay attention to. If your cabinets are in bad shape or outdated you may want to consider repainting.

This is not an easy DIY project. In fact, I would suggest that engaging a professional will save time and money.



4. Look at the lighting in each room. Add light by adding lamps or opening the drapes, provided you have a decent view and the windows are clean!! Painting with a semi-gloss paint finish will reflect light. Using a lighter color will also add light to the room and may make it actually look bigger.

5.  First impressions are important. Painting the front door will add a “new” feeling. Look at that door handle as well. Replacing a worn door handle is not expensive and is fairly easy. Just make sure it is a similar handle so that the holes and placement will line up.

6.  While you are outside checking the door, look at the house from the curb…also the landscaping. Pick up debris or broken tree limbs. If the weather allows, perhaps you should consider power washing the outside of your home. Are the gutters properly attached?


Using a professional to help you with selling your home is recommended. It may be the first time you have sold a home or for that matter, painted and repaired walls. It won’t be their first time. Take advantage of their experience and guidance.


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