It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Have you started your Christmas lists?  Christmas Cards?  While you were deciding how you wanted to decorate your living room this year, did you notice some flaws.  A few dings, scratches on the woodwork.  Maybe even some leftover color blemishes from your youngest’s creative crayon artwork.   What can you do?  It’s just before the holidays!!!

There is still time.  Here are a few suggestions:
1. Consider focusing on the rooms that will have the most visitors
2. Choose colors that add to your Christmas decorating.
3.  Make sure the colors you pick now are the same ones you love after the
holidays.  Green and silver gray are year around favorites.
4.  You may want to consider a higher sheen due to the increase in traffic.
Higher sheens tend to be more stain resistant

You have a lot of projects to get done before the holidays.  Some may be more challenging than others.  Give JT Painting a call today.  We can help you get your home Holiday ready. 

You’re on your own cutting your tree down!!