Painting the Exterior of Your House


A fresh coat of paint may be your last chance to protect the exterior of your home from moisture which is one of the leading causes of wood rot.  Our tough winters add to the wear and tear of the exterior of any structure.  Taking just a few steps to protect your house could save you a bundle in repair costs.

Walking around the outside of your house you should look for chipping paint.  Perhaps this is a result of rotting wood.  In that case you may need to replace a section as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t get bigger.  Be sure to check around your windows to see if they need to be caulked.  Always look up!!  Are the air vents clean and unobstructed?  Any signs of critters making nests or trying to invade your home?  All of these are small problems unless they are not corrected in a timely manner.

A good first step to protecting  your home is to consider pressure washing.  Pressure washing will clean the outside of your home.  While you are at it might as well include decks, fence, shed and even sidewalks.  This process alone will alone improve the outward appearance of your home by removing dirt, cobwebs,mildew as well as those nasty bird droppings.


Pressure washing is vital to do if you have definitely decided to paint your home.  A clean surface is crucial to paint adhering to the surface.  The paint just wont stick to a surface that has not been cleaned.  Pressure washing will also aid in removing loose paint.  Jt painting always includes pressure washing with any exterior paint estimate.  We also only use quality paint.

Clean surface, quality paint, and professional painters all translate into paint that could protect your home for ten years or more!!